Helping To Share New Tools is Win-Win

     I just heard from a fellow Manzilla, descended from Emily Manzilla Pinn, and Civil War hero Robert A. Pinn, to become more computer independent!  Since Do Better is not on Amazon (and I’m still sort of open to putting it up there, opinions needed…) due to their refusal to allow FREE as a price, getting the file onto an older Kindle (with no browser) requires transfering the .mobi file (which I can email to anyone needing it) via Calibre, my favorite free ebook s/w.

  While I am quite used to doing this, I found that it is not as simple for others.  So, we walked through it, and now, another (Boomer generation!) person is another tool further empowered!  And it was really wonderful to see her increasing confidence as we talked through the steps over the phone.

  I am so grateful!

Shira Destinie


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