Learning Empathy, on Day 23/67?

      My thoughts on  Day 23 of my 67 night-school class set of lesson plans for GED/HiSet learners, turn to wondering how to help build a kinder world, as Project Do Better works to do.
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    How, or what ideas do you have on this, could we help build more empathy into our society?
    Sorry, I am still really tired.


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Shira Destinie A. Jones, MPhil, MAT, BSCS


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7 thoughts on “Learning Empathy, on Day 23/67?

    1. The easiest idea on empathy-building that I can think of is to imagine yourself in someone else’s place. It may make you feel somewhat guilty or selfish for being circumstantially better off. But that can also help with wanting to do something for that person.

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  1. I feel like I get along with everyone I meet, because I meet them through the lens of empathy. We all have the most basic of needs. We all need to eat, sleep and live somewhere (even if it ends up being on the street.) I also like to offer sincere compliments. Feeling like you’re invisible to everyone around you can be a slippery slope into depression, even for the most declared anti-social people among us. If nothing else, I always give a quick nod or smile just to acknowledge to other people, “I see you and I acknowledge that you exist.”

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