repost: The Writing Is Done, The Umbrella Project Has Begun

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I have finally published the Do Better manifesto as a manual for community organizers looking for a long term plan that they can modify for their own communities, and use to work together with other projects and communities to help build a unified movement for the Common Good.
The book, Project Do Better: Enough For All, in Four Phases, comes in various sizes of PDF, as an epub, and as a mobi file from the stores that would allow me to set the price to Free, meaning that Amazon and the library systems, which require a minimum price well above that, did not allow me to publish through them. I can download and send about 20 different sizes of PDF if needed, and copies are currently available:

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6 thoughts on “repost: The Writing Is Done, The Umbrella Project Has Begun

  1. Most Kindle users do not know how to transfer a .mobi file to their Kindle from the phone or computer that these download links allow -do Kindle users have the option to transfer files directly from the Archive/PDF files onto their Kindles?

    If not, then it may be best to disregard distaste for Amazon in favor of ease of use for non-tech saavy readers wishing to read on a Kindle.

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