We can Do Better Wednesdays, & What is Graciousness?

    Here’s another dead darling: 

In this way (via Phase II) we may move from a society where rudeness is too often the norm, to one in which graciousness is valued. As one example of graciousness, a wheel-chair bound friend told this story. A person’s dog snarled at her, and the owner apologized, which was the civil thing to do. Going one step further, the person then offered to call a cab for her, which was the gracious thing to do. A society in which graciousness is valued will be both a more compassionate society and a more creative one. It is this new way of assuring and certifying Service Adult status that has the potential to drive real and sustainable cultural change. As Phase II progresses and more people step up to take the Adulthood Service Challenge, an increasing thirst to help improve other communities outside of our country may develop, as well. Yet, we have much to do first, to clean up our own house.

This story was out of place in the Do Better manifesto, as an academic book, so it had to be cut.


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