The Writing Is Done, The Umbrella Project Has Begun

     I have finally published the Do Better manifesto as a manual for community organizers looking for a long term plan that they can modify for their own communities, and use to work together with other projects and communities to help build a unified movement for the Common Good.
     The book,  Project Do Better: Enough For All, in Four Phases, comes in various sizes of PDF, as an epub, and as a mobi file from the stores that would allow me to set the price to Free, meaning that Amazon and the library systems, which require a minimum price well above that, did not allow me to publish through them.  Note that I personally prefer the ePub, since most PDF readers on the phone are not capable of showing the thumbnails or bookmarks that bring up the left hand side Table of Contents in the published PDF, so if reading it on a mobile phone without an eBook Reader, one may prefer the draft 9 pdf, which has the Table of Contents inside the document (but it looks much better using the left side tab, in a desktop PDF reader).  I can download and send about 20 different sizes of PDF if needed, and copies are currently available:
    Draft2Digital says that the distribution will shortly also include Smashwords, so that should also make the epub and mobi versions more easily accessible in a few months or so.
    I still need a logo for the project, and help with getting the word out about this project, from all willing hands.  I plan to start sending a copy of the book to each person cited in the notes, page by page, and then to look for communities and organizers who might be interested in collaborating with the project, or using the book as a starting point for their own long term planning.  I will happily send the editable version of this book to communities wishing to modify it and publish their own versions of this plan.
Thoughts, Fellow Writers?


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Holistic College Algebra & GED/High School Lesson Plans,

Thoughtful Readers, please consider reading about #ProjectDoBetter.

Shira Destinie A. Jones, MPhil, MAT, BSCS


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288 thoughts on “The Writing Is Done, The Umbrella Project Has Begun

            1. Umm, well, one person suggested something like the peace symbol with the joined hands, like what I used for the book cover, but I have nothing in mind, really.

              I’ve not been able to think of something that would really encompass all of the aspects of the Project for every American.
              I’m also not able to even draw a stick figure, so…


    1. Should make note that this browser sorry most PDF readers on the phone are not capable of showing the thumbnails or bookmarks that bring up the left hand side table of contents in the published PDF so reading this on a mobile phone, one should download draft nine pdf.

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  1. This is great, Shira! I’m currently recovering from surgery and life isn’t slowing down, but maybe sometime near the end of this year I can read it and post an honest review to help get the word out through my site too. I just can’t make any promises right now. Take care!

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    1. Not sure what happened to my other reply but I would like to connect with you on LinkedIn as well, if that is ok? My id is ShiraDest there, as elsewhere (there is also a link to my LI profile on my blog’s homepage, outside of the WP Reader).

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      1. I just tried to add you to my network, but all I seem to be able to do is to follow you. How do I send an invitation? I forgot, I am not very often on Linkedin, now that I am retired. It is just for keeping in contact with certain people.

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        1. Ay, it’s very late! I hope that you are sound asleep now, and having lovely dreams!

          No, nothing special to mention, whichever format is easiest for you is great. Just let me know if you have difficulty getting the version you prefer (I see that the stores seem to want people registered on their sites, so I can download and email you the epub or mobi if you prefer).

          Sleep well!

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            1. Excellent: the pdf you already have linked up top in this post, the first one, here on WP.
              The epub is also linked up in this post, just after the PDF.

              I hope you slept well and are having a good day?


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