Novel Writing Process, and Why I Hate & Love Character Creation

I love getting to know my characters, figuring out how they think, why they would do certain things, or not, and getting to know who they are and how they became that person.  But it’s a dead space in the word count listing!!
For a person who likes to check items off of the daily To Do list, it is a process that is frustratingly unchartable.  Yet, it remains a rewarding process, seeing what incidents in the life of your person led to decisions, thought patterns, and habits.  A painstaking process, to be sure, as I get to know how my protagonist, Isaias, will react to plot events, and thus create the story.
Thoughts, Fellow Writers?


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Shira Destinie A. Jones, MPhil, MAT, BSCS


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4 thoughts on “Novel Writing Process, and Why I Hate & Love Character Creation

  1. Writing short stories, I am in the lucky situation that I can just give short description of the characters, without being obliged to know what formed them 😉
    My husband, who wrote a political thriller about a terror attack in Denmark, says that the characters get alive at a point and sometimes want to go another way with the story than he originally had planned. I find that fascinating.

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    1. This is true: I’ve had characters take on traits that pulled the story to places I hadn’t expected, even with Ann & Anna, as I got to know Willow. She has changed tremendously since the start of the story.

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