Draft 9 is Done

      The book is now published.  Reviews on GoodReads or The Archive and help letting communities know that is is freely available for their long term planning consideration would be much appreciated, Thoughtful Readers.

   This seems to be the book cover I will use, and draft 9 is only about 50 words lighter, plus one reference filled in that I had cited but not added to the Bibliography, than draft 8.   Not many changes, so I think, unless any readers would like to read it in the next day or so, that I will go ahead and publish.


   I’m still leaning toward using Draft2Digital, as they let you list on all but Amazon (which apparently will not allow a price listing of $0.0). 

       What do you think our world would look like if  every person wrote a book to offer a possible plan for a kinder world? 

     I look forward to hearing your opinions on this matter, Thoughtful Readers.

We can really  Do Better.



     I look forward to hearing your opinions, Thoughtful Readers.

We can really  Do Better.


Action Prompts:

    Share your thoughts on how to build buy-in to create a more equal, or at least less inequitable, society, please.   Guest posts are always welcome.  Writing, by the way, is my personal contribution to Project Do Better

What would yours be, if you had the spare time and energy?


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Holistic College Algebra & GED/HiSET Night School Lesson Plans,

           or My Nonfiction  & Historical Fiction Serial Writing

Thoughtful Readers, please consider reading about #ProjectDoBetter.

Shira Destinie A. Jones, MPhil, MAT, BsCs

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Shira Destinie Jones’ work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


34 thoughts on “Draft 9 is Done

  1. I love the cover! As I only have chapter 9 to read, why not go ahead with publishing. What could I possibly find? But I will read it anyway. 🙂

    I was wondering, how a global initiative – a kind of competition – would work, the task being to write up one’s idea of how to make our world kinder? But what would the price be, and who would donate it? It should be one of the tasks at school at a certain point, maybe even several times in different grades, and then in Highschool again, as the young people change ideas. I would have found that an interesting task then, instead of interpretations of poems that I didn’t like.

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        1. Well, I have published it, but I am still worried that my edits (I had to rip out both the Table of Contents and the Page Numbering to get the draft to format for publishing) may have introduced errors, and none of the PDF comparison tools I am finding online allow simple views of only the changed text. So, it is going up on various online stores, but I want to do a full review before I start posting announcements of the publication:

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            1. Yup. And oddly, I can download various sizes of pdf of my published book, which do not seem to carry the isbn in the pdf, but the mobi and epub versions will simply not download, at least not yet, so I am confused as to how to upload the official/published pdf of my book to Goodreads (which requires the isbn, which was the whole point of this excercise!!)

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            2. I am afraid I can’t help you there. My husband used a Danish site to formate his book for publication.
              Maybe I am missing something here, but could you not fill in the ISBN into the PDF for Goodreads? Or can’t you edit in the PDFs?
              As far as downloads are concerned, my epub files were automatically downloaded in a folder on my laptop called “Downloads”. From there I could move them to a suitable folder. But, I can only open them in Epub.

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            3. No worries: I just got a msg back from their customer support explaining that the isbn is only issued after a store that requires one accepts the book, so that means the isbn is not able to be included internally. I’ve also been able to download mobi samples now. Now I have to test it on my ancient Kindle.
              I guess that I could edit the original draft 9 pdf to insert the ISBN, but that draft is not the exactly same as the published PDF, only due to title page insertions, etc.

              Yes, I can simply fill in the isbn on GR, but I have no way to edit the pdf.

              So, all I need to do is re-read the published version to be certain that no errors were introduced during the automated formatting process by Draft2Digital’s system, and then I will announce (every pdf comparison app I find shows me the text for each page, due to the page numbering and ToC differences!!). I suspect that the paid version of Adobe Acrobat could verify that there are no actual content changes beyond the toc, but I’ve not got it.

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            4. Yes, on the Internet it is said that Adobe Acrobat is the App to use for comparing PDF files. I don’t have it either, so I can’t do it, sorry!
              Maybe one of your readers does have Adobe Acrobat, that would be splendid.

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            5. Ok, so I see that the stores require login to access the files even though they are free -I foolishly hadn’t thought of that. I can put the PDF versions up here on WP, and on GR, but I don’t think either allows authors to upload the epub for readers to grab freely? Anyway, once I finish the final re-read of the 212 page PDF (I love it, now that I see how the ToC works and the ISBN etc is all there), I will find a way to make all the epub and pdf versions available (on the Internet Archive, if nowhere else).

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            6. I have just seen that authors have copies in libraries and link those libraries to their Goodread page. But, of course, I don’t know how it works in the US to get one’s book into libraries. In Denmark the libraries get informed about new books and then decide, whether they will want it or not.

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            7. I thought that authors had to donate a copy of the book to the local library, but I have no clue how that might work with an eBook. Getting it listed in the Library of Congress system, I think, would be an excellent start, if possible.

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            8. Danish authors have to donate two copies to the State archive of everything that is published in Danish in Denmark. The individual libraries then have to buy the books. Usually the author gets royalties for books that are loaned out. I would presume that the procedure is the same for ebooks. But it seems to be different from the US system. We are a much smaller country and easier to administrate. 😉

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            9. True, Denmark is smaller, and yes, easier to administer, but we do have technology that can help substantially, if we wanted to use it. The real problem is that US law considers eBooks different, as contract, rather than falling under copyright law. But the other problem is that library lending does not pay a royalty here, either. Libraries are looked down upon by many people, and the systems differ not only by state, but from county to county in each state.


              So much for *United* States…

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            10. That’s where two of my books are already stored! I thought I’d mentioned that I plan to put this one on The Archive, as well, along with a few other places, next week.

              I have always loved The Archive.
              Glad you found it independently as well.

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            11. No worries, I know that I tend to drop things and not explain them fully (many refer to The Archive as The Internet Archive, which can also be confusing). Sorry I’ve been so tired.

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            12. The only problem with The Archive is that so much ‘stuff’ is stored there that it can be like hiding a needle in a haystack.
              My work, of course, is under ShiraDest, there, but even I have a hard time finding it sometimes!

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            13. Their faq is not very good at all, as it doesn’t mention the actual process of assigning the isbn and how that combines with the published versions of the uploaded final draft.


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