Review: La Prière du Tueur & Empathy to Rescue …

This book   PrTueur   , it turns out, was not originally written in French, but I got it in a box of old paperbacks when I was learning French, and so I thought this was the title (The Killer’s Prayer) for a long time!

A story of love without sex, but with sacrifices, a Tibetan/Dineh connection, and very well done social commentaries.

Un histoire d’amour sans sex mais avec sacrifies; Connexion Tibetaine/Dineh (Navaho) et commentaires sociaux tres bien faites. -ShiraDestinie, Date Universelle: 1.11.12014 èH (ère Holocène)

This prompted me to look a little bit into the state of the Dineh/Navajo Nation, and shocked me to find that many still lack basic running water!


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Holistic High School Lessons,

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