Two Thought Thursday -La Casa de Papel (Money Heist) p2e8: Money From Nothing

1.)  Yes, national currencies are currently Fiat Currencies, created from nothing, and backed by the T-Bills issued upon printing, thus in fact backed by debt, but does that really mean that anyone can just print up Euros/Dollars, really?  Sorry, but no, and

2.)  The injection of liquidity, as Sir J. M. Keynes discussed and Dr. King stressed, should go to all of the people, not just to a few, so the Robin Hood act doesn’t really wash, Profe…    


   But they aren’t yet free…

Again with the gun, Inspectora? 

And Nairobi, directing again!!   🙂


I love this (not!): in 2008, the ECB printed money as “an injection of liquidity for the banks” and they are merely injecting liquidity into their little group!   What a BS  excuse, since they’re not sharing it with anyone but the 8 of them!!   Hmmm… 

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It is true, our “Fiat Money” is created out of nothing (actually, it’s backed by bond issues, thus backed by debt, but buying bonds is actually considered an investment in the country, because not everyone is going to demand that money back.  Most buyers hold it in reserve, since the USD is the world reserve currency, the world debt denomination currency, and also the world oil currency.  (Too bad Sir John didn’t get his way at Bretton Woods about the Bancor…)  This is part of the reason that Sir John Maynard Keynes supported the printing of money:  it’s actually win-win, as long as that money is invested in the public sector.  (of course, the problem is that it generally is not…)

It’s all very emotional, but dubious, in terms of actual Resistance


  “Somos la resistencia.”   -No

   “We are the Resistance.”  Really? -No


Action Prompts:

1.)  Share your thoughts on how we can be part of the Peaceful Resistance…

2.) Write a book, story, post or tweet that uses these thoughts.


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