We can Do Better Wednesdays, & the CCC for Modern Adulthood?

       How a new CCC and even a new Serving Adulthood cadre helps us all.  Updating the original mandate from that of the Roosevelt administration, to a modern setting, can help: eleanor_roosevelt_at_civilian_conservation_corps_camp_in_yosemite2c_california_-_nara_-_196548 Excerpt from the old chapter 8, now chapter 7:

Meeting and interacting with other cultures from a living and working point of view also provides a vastly different experience from that of tourism, and facilitates freedom of thought, freedom of worship, and new ideas for fuller interaction in governance mechanisms at all levels, by challenging received ideas.

Who would be interested in leading leading this challenge, do you imagine?


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3 thoughts on “We can Do Better Wednesdays, & the CCC for Modern Adulthood?

  1. I think that one to two years of national service (civilian or military) would benefit the country as well as the individuals. I have read that some people hypothesize that it also might help us forge a new common

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    1. Agreed. I am one of those also in agreement with that hypothesis. I am sure that common service, as in both world wars, helped forge a common national id, to some extent, and despite the segregated units, which the lack of military or civilian service has allowed to crumble. National service forges common values, and shows other perspectives, as I point out in the Do Better manifesto, of the nation, for those performing that service.

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