Do Better Wednesdays, Writing Process, & How looking at My Nonfiction Through Fiction Writing Eyes Improved Draft #Six

    The later drafts, 4th, 5th, and later, of a book can be exhausting (and now I’ve done Draft 7...), and it is tempting to want to just publish and be done.  I found, personally, that looking at my book, at that point, as if if were one of my fictional works, even a short serial story/novella, like Ann & Anna, helped:  I suddenly saw just how much could be cut away to make even the Table of Contents more interesting, and the entire book more readable, despite being in an entirely different category of writing.

I hope that this helps in your writing process, Thoughtful Readers.



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10 thoughts on “Do Better Wednesdays, Writing Process, & How looking at My Nonfiction Through Fiction Writing Eyes Improved Draft #Six

    1. Very good point. I’ll have to go back and clean up and post some of my old poetry, once I’ve finished with the Do Better manifesto, Who By Fire, the Manzilla novel, and the series for El Ministerio del Tiempo.

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  1. I didn’t get any notifications anymore from your website, Shira, not even emails, and I just saw that “Follow” was unclicked. I did not do that, but this happens from time to time. Other bloggers had that also happening for them on my website. The WordPress mysteries. I have now clicked on it again and hope it stays that way.
    I am through with chapter 6 of draft 8, that makes 3 left. I couldn’t read as much as I wanted, there were a lot of things going on. But I am getting there.
    In general I find that there is much more connecting to practical examples, and explanations how things are today in comparison to the goal. This makes the book easier to read, understand and personally relate to. At least that is what I think has happened to the book, I didn’t make comparisons to version 5. 😉

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