We can Do Better Wednesdays, & A Cure for Loneliness?

    A question from (the now removed) chapter 6: 

From food pantries to our own food, steps can be designed to build in that way,
also, as networks of volunteers design systems of daily food distribution, starting with
individuals, and working up to entire towns and cities, so that no one is ever forgotten, left out,
or entirely alone.

What ways can you think of to ensure that no one is ever left out?


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7 thoughts on “We can Do Better Wednesdays, & A Cure for Loneliness?

    1. One cure for loneliness that I can often imagine is to identify within ourselves what can truly, individually speaking, make us feel lonely and therefore how to fill that void.

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  1. For no one to be left out, it might be necessary to have a certain registration system. And people could be alert in their own surroundings with regard to needy and lonely people. The buddy system is a good tool to help lonely people, where people with time visit others, who have neither friends nor family.

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