Review: La Nuit Des Temps & Social Empathy?

I recall (having read this book NuitTemps   when I was teaching myself French, so definitely needs a re-read) that I did not like the criteria for choosing the lady, and also didn’t really like the plot, but I did love the message: Let’s not ruin our planet, again…

Je me souviens que je n’avais pas aimait les critères pour avoir choisi la femme, ni le scénario, mais, le message, si, j’aime: ne gachent pas la planète, autre fois…

So, my question is this: how can a leader build enough empathy to get people to want to help provide housing for every person, even those not seen as “deserving” yet/anymore?


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10 thoughts on “Review: La Nuit Des Temps & Social Empathy?

  1. Hm, I don’t think that a leader alone will be able to do it. It has to be the culture that people grow up in that everybody is equally deserving. It takes a large group of people, who consciously decide to live like that.

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  2. Empathy may not be possible to teach or to learn, but compassion is:

    “…it’s possible to foster greater compassion in people, via simple training methods based on mindfulness, where the goal is to feel positive and warm thoughts about others without focusing on vicarious experience. By comparing this training with techniques designed to foster greater empathy, she and colleagues found that it reduces the effects of empathic distress and makes people more likely to be motivated to help others.”



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