Blackout: Demain il sera trop tard: Reading for language Learning, Empathy, and Planning!

On lit pour s’apprendre, et pour se préparer.

We read to learn, and to prepare.  Blackout 

Read from July 10 to 17, 2015
Blackout est un thriller qui donne un vision des sombres possibilités mais aussi qu’inspire l’espoir. Le réalisme effrayant du comportement humain est visible, mais la coopération et aussi visible. Pourtant, je ne voudrais jamais prendre un ascenseur autre fois !


Blackout is a thriller that gives a vision of terrible possibilities, but also inspires hope. The frightening reality of human behavior, but also of cooperation, are both visible. Still, I hope never to take an elevator again!

Shira “Holocene/Human Era” Dest
July, 12015 HE


 Salût !  

Action Items in support of literacy and preparation that you can take right now:

1.) Share two different resources, from any Francophone region, regarding the power grid.

2.)  Share your thoughts on how you like each of the resources you found, 

3.) Write a blog post or tweet that uses that information.



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Holistic College Algebra & GED/High School Lesson Plans,

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