Two Thought Thursday -La Casa de Papel (Money Heist), on Empathy for the Sociopaths in our Lives??

       My questions today are some I’ve asked before, but not gotten a response (pardon if I’m forgetting someone’s reply):

        1.)  Ought we to work toward having empathy for those, like a Sociopath such as Berlin, or a sociopath, such as Arturo, who have no empathy?   

        2.)  Why, or why not?   

           My reaction this week tries not to spoil the episode:  Cuestión de eficacia, and gives random reactions in the original Spanish, and most of the time in English, for the majority of my current readers:


cap. 12

Y el escondite del Profe ya no tiene nada de comprometidor.   


Of course:  the Prof. knew he’d be searched!

Y Ángel conduciendo muy borracho.


Pero dónde han metido las cosas electrónicas del Profe?
Oops:   Nada de relaciónes…
Y todavía conduciendo borracho, Angel, aunque tenía razón…
Is Ragtime the first song every keyboard player learns?  😦
Oops, Arturito,  y las princesas tb tienen sus vidas, y los amantes de amantes, y sobre todo que no tiene derecho de tener celos de Mónica.   Pero los machos Alpha siempre creen estar en su derecho, sobre todo cuando no lo están.  Pinche cobarde.  Y traidor a sus propio compañeros.
Y el profe está ocupado afuera… Mal asunto…
No lo que esperaba ver, el profe, al volver a su sitio.  Este no estaba en el plan.  Por nada.  
Y ya no quedan más que 50 rehenes.
Y el pobre de Angel…
Y cómo lograron hacer todo esto sin herir a nadie más?!?
Y el profe, que odia la violencia, viendo los resultados de su plan…
Qué mirada de tristeza, aunque fue el que armó el plan…

  “Somos la resistencia.”   ?De véras?

   “We are the Resistance.”    Um, really?



Action Prompts:

1.)  Share your thoughts on how we can be part of the Peaceful Resistance…

2.) Write a book, story, post or tweet that uses these thoughts.


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19 thoughts on “Two Thought Thursday -La Casa de Papel (Money Heist), on Empathy for the Sociopaths in our Lives??

    1. True, although therapists/psychiatry in general do seem to know how NPD works. NPD is part of a range of borderline personality disorders, if I recall my DSM IV correctly (though I understand that there have been fairly major changes to the DSM V…).

      I cannot understand how a person can not have a conscience, but the field of mental health seems to have a relatively good understanding of this type: I’m told emphatically that those without empathy do not change, and cannot learn empathy. Not something I want to hear, since Project Do Better hinges upon building and increasing our global levels of both types of empathy.

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        1. Exactly: the question is how to prevent such personalities from doing that, and from bullying others. This is why I emphasize the emotional and intellectual self-defense learning in Phase II. Such types are both manipulative and coercive, which is probably why I found reviewing my journal each month to be so helpful in spotting and confirming these patterns.

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    1. From what I’ve read, it seems that the majority of therapists believe NPD to be difficult to impossible to curtail, even in the slim minority of cases where the patient wants to learn empathy. While I’d like not to believe this, I have to bow to evidence, and say that incarceration is the only way to curtail the outright criminal outcomes, but sociopaths (vs Sociopaths) often know in horrid detail how to skirt the line of illegality. Much like Berlin telling Adriana (or is is Ariadna) that he’d never want to take a woman against her will, knowing perfectly well that that is precisely what he is doing.

      That’s why Project Do Better focuses on both early childhood education, which is when it’s most possible to prevent this sort of development, and also on the various types of self-defense (especially emotional) training for every person, and also having a safe and smell/vapor/water-proof private home, which could eventually also serve as a far more humane house-arrest system alternative to our prison system, if sadly but absolutely necessary.

      Types Arturo (fortunately too stupid to be truely dangerous) and Berlin (a genius, so extremely dangerous) cannot be rehabilitated, but what, then, do we do with them to keep others safe? Short of isolation on a quarantined island?

      (and no, I am not in favor of Rikers Island, nor of le chateau d’If: prison is also inhumane…)

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  1. Share your thoughts on how we can be part of the Peaceful Resistance…

    My Answer- Find common ground with the more passionate younger generation and combine their efforts with my older yet wiser ways. I really believe electronic Communication mediums like Zoom, Anchor, and even Word Press might do the trick here.

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    1. Excellent response, Sir!

      Thank you for this answer. I’ve been told that podcasts (Anchor, no?) are more popular with young people than text media like WP, and when I have more time/energy/editing finished, I intend to add some, hopefully with the help of other Project members (when some join the Project…).


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            1. Ok, will look into setting it up once I’m done with this 7th draft. It is down to 234 pages, total, now, from the 288 draft you first saw, if you are interested in Beta Reading it.


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