Minbari Mondays, Two Lessons from “Interludes And Examinations,” (B5:s3e15) on Empathy for a Useful Death?

       This week’s lessons:

          1.  Sometimes a death is not what it seems.  Be sure the investigation covers all angles.

          2.  Not all deaths are a waste, as Vir points out.

   I love Vir’s honesty, and the way we finally see Morden’s true colors on full display in this  episode.   This episode ought to have been called “Deaths and Manipulations.”  Bribing a Rent-a-Cop, then killing him, and blaming the death of Adira on Lord Refa.  Efficient.  True?  We’ll find out, but knowing Vir’s good heart, a death wish from him ShortDying is not to be taken lightly.

   Delenn gives us more information on how your technology can become your best friend, and maybe even a part of you, as with Kosh. 

     Context, again, also matters, and greatly.

    This is a packed episode, with the deaths of Adira and Kosh, the direct involvement of the Vorlons against the Ancient Enemy, and Dr. Franklin fighting his own internal enemy: addiction.  Of course he can’t take the lesson from a friend who still fights the same enemy.   Sadly.  I suppose that we human beings must always learn from hard experience, if we refuse to learn from history or from the counsel of others.


  Let’s learn to build community, based on useful lives, please.  

We, as a society and globally, really can Do Better.




Nih sakh sh’lekk, sleem wa.

I come in peace, I am your friend.



Action Prompts:

1.)  Share your thoughts on how we Human Beings might start to build a more fully inclusive society for all of us, and how this episode of Babylon 5 could help that process.

2.) Write a book, story, post or tweet that uses these thoughts.


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