Nested Holidays, Counting, and Online Libraries for Empathy

The common good, and access to all sorts of FREE libraries, must become more fully inclusive for all of us.  Below, one volunteer-driven online library provides free access to many diverse Jewish texts and teachings, this one centered on two current holidays.

My update for  April 12022/5782, with my own Nested Themes for each day of the Omer:

  1. Empathy and health care as the first night of #counting the harvest, first week: empathy, of seven weeks of growing…
  2. Tonight, the second night of harvest #counting: #empathy and #housing for all…
  3. On this third day of harvest #counting, #empathy and accessible, affordable, and safe train #transport for all…
  4. Counting this fourth harvest day of working to Do Better for #empathy and #hope. We can end poverty, we can end homelessness, and we can Do Better.   …   Empathy, and hope for Ending Poverty via Free Consumer and Debt Related Legal Education (as opposed to hope in having hope, itself, which is akin to faith in hope…).
  5. #Counting this fifth harvest day for #empathy and public #libraries as tools for building safe homes and community for all.
  6. Counting for #empathy and hope in hope itself, on this sixth day of harvest for human kindness.  (l’empatie et l’espoir sont l’espoir pour nous tous…)
  7.    Day 7x of the Omer, will be (tomorrow starting tonight…) Empathy within Empathy … End of 1st week, Empathy, of Counting the Omer, 5782
     Well, this year I missed day Nine, (day 8 being the start of the 2nd Week, the Week of Health Care, and the day of Housing in Health Care as related concerns), so I’ll continue with this new schema omerList  next year, in 5783…

The second night of Passover  begins a sacred countdown that has long fascinated and frustrated me: fascinating because there is a meaning to each day of this countdown that is often forgotten about, and frustrating because this countdown is also often not completed “correctly” by many of us, leading to a near obsession with the count.  It’s called the Counting of The Omer, and it is a 7 by 7 perfect square.  That already, was enough to get my attention years ago, when I first converted to Judaism, but upon learning some years later that there was a mystical meaning that did not involve too much mystical hoo-ha, that added even more beauty to this perfect square, and so I had to learn more.

Each week has a theme of it’s own, as with this first week: Chesed, or mercy.  Then each day of each week has a theme, also, thus giving each day a theme within a theme.  This first day (starting tonight, the 2nd night of Passover, with the 2nd seder) is Chesed within Chesed, and so is purely focused on that quality of mercy (sorry, fellow Babylon 5 fans, I just couldn’t help it!).  Each successive day will have a new focus, which you can see for yourself on this very cool graphic (note that delightful diagonal of solid-colored dots beautifying this mitzvah of learning!!) at the free online library of the Open Siddur Project.   Ok, so it’s not exactly a nested loop, but close enough, with the Counting of the Omer almost sort of one long holiday that takes place within Passover, but continues for 49 days, until the very night of Shavuot, or The Geeks Holiday (!), as I like to call it, and my favorite holiday on the calendar!  🙂

Chag Sameach!

Actions To Help:

1.) Share two different sources related to the Omer.

2.) Share your thoughts on how a calendar based on empathetic ideas might help, or hinder, inclusive thinking,

3.) Write a Book, story, blog post, or tweet that uses it.


Click here to read, if you like:

B5, La Casa De Papel/Money Heist, & Lupin & Hakan: Muhafiz/The Protector Reviews

Holistic High School Lessons,

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13 thoughts on “Nested Holidays, Counting, and Online Libraries for Empathy

        1. Cool! Thank you, JYP!!
          I am very glad that you like the perfect square idea, too! Thanks to whoever put that graphic together! I am delighted, obviously, that I’ve been able to share the Open Siddur project with you, and tickled that you knew I’d love Tikkun Leil Shavuot!

          Moed Tov!
          Safe Pesadik Air Hugs!

          Liked by 2 people

          1. It seemed in character, lol. I’ll admit that Tikkun Leil Shavuot is not typically my favorite holiday. However, the COVID experience was surprisingly better. Being able to virtually join learning sessions from everywhere (and the freedom to virtually leave sessions that failed to capture my interest with minimal disruption – perhaps even more important) hugely improved the holiday for me. Is it bad if I am kind of looking forward to a second COVID Shavuot?

            Liked by 2 people

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