Parashat Metzorah, Healing Houses, and Caring for People

     This week’s Torah portion,  Metzorah,  is  over halfway (28th/54 or 52, depending on the year: this year, it’s 54…) through the annual cycle, and the 5th Parashah in the book of Vayikra/Leviticus.

   This portion deals with more diagnosis: still the equivalent of modern Universal Health Care (and who’d have thought that the Cohanim were doctors?).  Who knew that even a house could be ill, and this, again, before the idea of Sick Building Syndrome came about, huh?    queen_anne_style_house2c_rockville2c_md2c_1892_-_q7986018 Interesting, no?

         What could equity of responsibility and citizenry look like, if every person had proper health care, and everyone had a safe home? health_pictogram

  I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this matter, Thoughtful Readers.

We can really  Do Better.



     Parashat Tazria was last week…

Action Prompts:

    Share your thoughts on how to build buy-in create a more equal, or at least less inequitable, society, please.   Writing, by the way, is my personal contribution to Project Do Better

What would yours be, if you had time?


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Shira Destinie A. Jones, MPhil, MAT, BsCs

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11 thoughts on “Parashat Metzorah, Healing Houses, and Caring for People

  1. Basic right of all human is to home and health. Yet it alludes millions and this has escalated exponentially under covid. And this is not just in poorer countries but in the world’d wealthiest nations as well. Why? Because equity and equality are antithesis of patriarchal systems whether democratic or otherwise inclined.

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  2. So far, my appendectomy and its associated complications have been billed over $50,000. Thankfully, we have good insurance from my husband’s union job. Our payment is only $250. No one should be bankrupted or die because they get sick.

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