French Fridays Book Review: Ne Lâche pas Ma Main, Racism vs. Health Care, and Empathy

Can racism be diminished by building Social Empathy, do you think?

This is the review of a book I read in 2015, set on the French island (in the Indian Ocean) of la Réunion. The English is first, and then the French.

This book showed me how reading novels can build both empathy and understanding as part of new knowledge placed in context.

Ne lâche pas ma mainNe lâche pas ma main by Michel Bussi

Busssi shows us a world within another world ; that of people of color and the prejudices which the tourists do not see. He describes the island so well that you feel as if you were there, and finishes with a final word so moving it demands thought, and even an immediate re-read. (Also may go well with Black Feminist Thought: Knowledge, Consciousness, and the Politics of Empowerment, perhaps.

Shira HoloceneHuman Era Destinie
24 August, 12015 HE

BUSSI nous montre le monde dans un autre monde, celle de gens de couleur et les préjuges invisibles aux touristes. Il décrit l’île si bien qu’on se sent la-ba même, et fini la dernier mot si jaillissant qu’on ne peut pas s’arrêter de y penser, et même le relire tout de suite.

24,8,12 015 èH( ère Holocène ou ère Humaine)

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I really hope that this book is available in English, for those who cannot read it in French.  Please read it, and share!

   Salût !  

Action Items in support of empathy that you can take right now:

1.) Share two different sources to check out this book (the Open Library, for example),

2.)  Share your thoughts on how you like this book, after reading, or while reading it,

4.) Write a book, story, blog post or tweet that uses those thoughts.


14 thoughts on “French Fridays Book Review: Ne Lâche pas Ma Main, Racism vs. Health Care, and Empathy

  1. I think the best would be just let children grow up in a multi-racial and multi-cultural environment, without pointing out the differences all the time, because then the kids will accept it as normal.
    My brother told me yesterday that he wants his children to go to a private school, because in the public school they have the subject “critical race theory”, which seems to be influenced by the white supremacy group. That will not help America to unite its people. And I ask myself, how can it be that this is accepted as a subject in public schools? And that is in Oregon, which I always thought was a progressive state.

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    1. Oh, great, how absurd, your brother’s idea, no offense meant: CRT is a topic that only specialists in universities study, but it has been brought into the public school sphere as a Red Herring. No public school teaches it. And yes, it is a problem that exacerbates the polarization here in the US. Oregon, like most states, has quite differing areas, some progressive, many not so progressive. Like California. And all over the country, well-funded campaigns to prevent the teaching of US history in all of it’s sad detail are being run under the guise of this CRT rubbish. This is helping both private school funding, and vouchers that take funding away from the public systems, not to mention the outright attacks on public schools. The problem is a difficult one because Americans have been taught to shun critical thinking over the last 40 years, in particular. This is why I began teaching twenty years ago, and left the field recently. One has to actually want to learn, in order to learn. Most in this country do not want to learn.
      But, we can still Do Better.

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