Turkish Tuesdays, and Three Lessons Hakan:Muhafiz/The Protector, s1e8 Teaches About Work and Having a Home

What do we learn from season 1, episode 8, and then, my impressions of this episode?

1.) If you investigate rich people, have a backup career ready!
2.) Don’t be tricked into doing stupid stuff that gets you fired.
                                   3.)  Remember that “work” and having a home are not connected…
                  Now, with Kemal in custody, and Mazhar connecting the dots, why would the boss not want to know about this?
And why is he insulting his head of security constantly, in favor of Hakan?
A journalist may be right, especially if he’s annoying rich people.  Poor guy.  Almost as bad as poor Fabienne from Lupin, same idea!
Great diversions, little thief, but the Sadik Onlar families don’t seem to take care of each other too well.
And Hakan is still being over confident:  the whole world now knows that the Hancer has been stolen, so of course the Olumsuz knows!
And Mazhar hasn’t quit yet, either.
Not good…

Ve simdi borcu var, Zeynep ile, Ceylan!


Ooops, Leyla Hanim:  you fell into Mazhar’s trap.

How do you know someone is Kemal’s daughter?  She beats the same guards up the same way her father did last week!


But Zeynep, it’s a good idea to know why your father avoids certain people.

Always ask the old folks what’s going on: you need to know before acting…

And wouldn’t you wonder why your boss was so interested in your love life?

Why does Hakan insist on having a girlfriend whom he cannot tell his secrets to?

Ama Zeynep:  bilmedin seyler var ya!!  Onlari gunvenemizsin!!!

How does Zeynep not notice that Kemal is unhappy with Timur’s presence, especially with his meeting Hakan?

Ok, makes sense: this guy is connected with the one who got thrown out.  Hmmm.

Hakan, seriously, you need to be told not to call, or to go empty-handed?

Well, unless he arranged to allow the guy in, Faysal Bey is right.  But clearly he is setting Hakan up, winding Mazhar up, and then setting him loose on Hakan, it seems.

She’s right, “yetmez” because you can’t tell her why.  That’s why the Muhafiz always marries a Sadik Onlardan.

(hope the Muhafiz is always straight, since they have to have kids…)

Oh, no: Mad Mazhar…

And oops, now you know, Hakan, why you should always listen to the old folks.  Sometimes they really do know more than you do!

But, Leyla Hanim, things are not always as they seem!

episode Turkish Tuesdays, and Two Lessons Hakan:Muhafiz/The Protector, s1e7 Teaches About ‘What’s Behind That?’ was last week,

next week is episode 9: Turkish Tuesdays, Hakan:Muhafiz/The Protector, s1e9, and a Lesson in Humility (vs. Empathy…) .


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