Ann and Anna, (serial short story): Prequel Concluded

        Ann & Anna, Part  21 (River), posted last Sunday. apple_tree_flowers_and_rance_river_estuary  I have reluctantly decided that this will be the last part of our publicly published story.  I’ve been urged to finish this story as a novel, which cannot be queried if it has been published on a blog, so I must apologize, dear Readers.  I never imagined that the dream (nightmare) that started this story would lead to all of this, but now I would like to take it and develop it into a book.  I hope, once completed and published, that you will all read the remainder of this story.  While these past twenty one parts will make up the prequel to the story, I doubt that a publisher will allow them to be part of a novel, so I am closing this now, upon strong advice from several friends, to start working on the novel.  I plan to post an excerpt, each Sunday, to keep in touch with our dear Willow and Anna.

  And then…


Then, finally, I will get back to Who By Fire!

       This is the continuation scene in my historical fiction series  Ann&Anna.  I  hope that this series will move you to learn more ways to help use our history to build new tools.

  Parts 21 (River)Part 20 (Into The Night) ,   19 (Peculiar Gifts)18 (Mouth of Babes)17 (Testing)16 (Power)15 (Knowledge)14 (Words)13 (Interruptions)12 (Gifts)11 (Punishment),  10 (Warmth),   9 (Found)8 (Lost)7 (Rock)6 (Believe), 5 (Naming), 4 (Home), 3 (Trust), 2 (Hope), and 1 (Nightmares) have posted on previous Sundays.

I look forward to your thoughts.


Action Prompts:

1.) Share your thoughts on how this story may encourage empathy-building cooperation, and might help, or hinder, inclusive thinking.  It is my personal contribution to Project Do Better.

2.) Write a story, post or tweet that uses those thoughts.


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Shira Destinie Jones’ work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

   Comment: You can see how her C-PTSD is healing, in the love of this chosen/found family…


25 thoughts on “Ann and Anna, (serial short story): Prequel Concluded

    1. 🙂
      Hmm, well, let’s see:
      1. Do Better beta reader search,
      2. Ann & Anna,
      3. Who By Fire, and
      4. Project Do Better tool building/baton hand-off search, and then
      5. keeping the Lesson Plans coming up in the Reader/SEO.

      Not too many! 🙂

      Liked by 3 people

        1. That explains the exhaustion.

          I’ve been trying to get all of this done (and I have 40 note cards with scene outlines for Who By Fire from last year!!) so that I can finally pack/sell/give away (again!) all my furniture and move back to some place where it snows! I cannot believe that I miss grits and snow, after all of these years! But deep Blue towns in Blue states are not cheap, nor easy to find. Wish I’d known that much of California is not really Blue.

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    1. Thank you: it’s hard for me to wait on writing the rest of it, too, because I really need to get Do Better published and find someone to take on the leadership of the Project, and then finish drafting Who By Fire, first.

      I feel so tired that I will simply be glad to get all of this done ASAP.

      Living in a smoke and vape free building would really help (and not believing when a land lord claims that the building is smoke free is also unfortunately necessary, too, since I was told that this entire complex was smoke free, before moving in…)

      Liked by 4 people

  1. It was a weekly highlight catching up with Ann&Anna. Will surely miss it. Of course going the publishing route is the better one. I’m looking forward to hearing about when it will be done. Much luck and love Shira!

    Liked by 3 people

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