Thoughtful is now Thoughtless Thursdays -La Casa de Papel (Money Heist) p1e1

       No time to think, still seeking Beta Readers for Do Better, so:

     This reaction tries not to spoil the episode, and gives random reactions in the original Spanish, and in English, for the majority of my current readers:

Por qué Dalí ??   …  Why Dalí??


Robin Hood…
Muy buena idea, ocultandose como el papel con marca de agua.  …  Great idea, hiding in the open like paper with watermarks.
Por eso han planeado tanto.  …  That’s why so much planning.
La diosa de la fertilidad.  Claro que él no quiere más que una amante.   Cabron de Arturito !   … The goddess of fertility.  He obviously only wants a mistress.  Jerk, Arturo.
Y la tonta lo dejó tomar la foto??  …  And the idiot girl let him take the picture??
Gente con máscara de armas: si, eso me preocuparía.  … Masked people with guns:  yes, this would worry me.
Respirar todos juntos con un psicópata, qué maravilla.  …  Deep breaths with a psychopath, wonderful.
Denver me parece un gilipolla.  …  Denver seems to be an idiot, to me.
Pero su papá no le ayude!  …  But his dad doesn’t help!  
Y.  … Vestidos de rojo!  Antigua escuela por todas partes.    …   And. … Dressed in red!  Old school all the way.
Oyo, nada de relaciónes?   Names??  Al menos Tokyo tenía sentido:. Oops. …   Hey, no intimate relationships?  Nombres??  At least Tokyo had good send:. Oops…
Primer truco, salir con dinero??  Y nuestro héroe Arturo, llorando! …  First trick, leave with money??   And our brave hero Arturo, crying!
Y, claro, nuestra bomba de retardo, Tokyo.  … And, of course, our time bomb, Tokyo.
Fin excelente !  …  Excellent ending!


     Last week was a Guest Post on Empathy by Violet

    Next week’s review will be of part 1, ep.  2

-Shira Destinie Jones





  “Somos la resistencia.”

   We are the Resistance.


There are earlier episodes, as part of a  

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9 thoughts on “Thoughtful is now Thoughtless Thursdays -La Casa de Papel (Money Heist) p1e1

    1. Thank you, Ned! I was just telling someone:
      “… La Casa De Papel, aka Money Heist, which I’ve started reviewing today: the main character is The Professor, who has been planning an action (minting his own money) as a means of resisting the system, for over twenty years. So, he teaches his students, as they plan to ‘borrow’ the Spanish Royal Mint for a couple of weeks while they print a few billion Euros, that they are The Resistance, as long as they do not harm anyone in the process of this “injection of liquidity” to themselves!! I resisted watching this show, at first, but then I saw the idea of how The Professor uses the Italian Partisan song ‘Bella, Ciao’ as his anthem, and his idealism, at odds with the action of robbing a bank, and I just had to watch the series. By then end of the 5th season, I could see why it is so popular.

      I am not The Professor, and I have no interest in robbing banks or minting my own money, but I do think that this plan can help us be The (peaceful) Resistance, as “

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