Turkish Tuesdays, and Three Lessons from s1e3, Hakan:Muhafiz/The Protector

What do we learn from this episode, and then, my impressions of this third episode?

1.  Aman yeter, Zeynep!  Yapma!!

Enough, Zeynep!  Stop beating him up!    -Zeynep’s Lesson:  Sometimes you have to teach your student how much he doesn’t know!

2.   Neset Korkmaz!!

Neset Fearless!!    -Sometimes you have to be like your name!!

3.     “Rumi.”   -Aferin, Hakan!

“Rumi.”   -Well done, Hakan!   He did learn his lesson: study!

This week, Hakan continues to learn the history of his ancestor the First Muhafiz, and his city: in 1502, I imagine that Selim the Grim (father of Suleiman the Magnificent/LawGiver) should have been in power.   I hope someone looks that up for me…

Interesting that “…gomlek, kendini gore bir iradesi var.”  “…the shirt has a will of its own.”  Sounds like another special object of power that we know…

The music is again chilling, in this episode.   This time it’s a scary version of “Motherless Child” unlike I have ever heard it sung before!


And yet another person dies this episode: so far we are 3/3.  The body count is rising, but not for the bad guys.

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