Panda populations and healthcare averages

Day 66/67: Five Month GED, Pandas, Libraries, and Healthy Populations

The common good, or the general welfare, requires every Adult to understand the basics of statistics, as part of on-going self education (aka Adulting Education), to help our society become more fully inclusive for all of us.  The public library system can help.


My personal good may also be enhanced if someone could please explain to me why so many people find pandas to be so cute.  The resident pandas at the National Zoo, in DC, were always so popular that they drew crowds, if I recall correctly.


To apply the concepts of mean, median and mode, as a review topic while those readers who may be using this series of posts begin final preparations for taking the 5 subject exams (or those subject exams which they have not yet taken, since the HiSET allows each of the subject tests to be taken at different times, which was most recommended when I taught Adult Education), we look at a fun topic: Pandas!

Since averages and populations always run toward health statistics, please take a spare moment, when you have time, to look up some health statistics in your area, if you will.


Today’s reading discusses  Panda populations

 Week 18/18
Day 66 lesson plan
Grammar: run on sentences
Math: Averages (Mean, Median and Mode)
Science: see the reading above and the Action Item questions below, please…
Please see the Lesson plan for Day 66’s Exit Tickets
(Day 65  … Day 67)

Action Items:  

1.) Who was this article written by, and for what audience, and how do we know that the author’s facts are correct?

2.) Please tell us where the information for today’s reading comes from, how you know that the sources are reliable, and who funded the initial (or first-hand source) data.


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