Day 61/67: Five Month GED, Language as a Function of Context, & Functional Adult Decision-making

     Our language varies based on the context in which that language is used.  Mathematical language always has a very specific meaning and a precise context: css_equilibrium_as_function_of_time_for_the_s26p500_index_aug_2020 the mathematical context. 

     We use words everyday that have different meanings, precise meanings, in different contexts.  An Adult must understand the specific meaning of a given word before making decisions that will affect anyone, including  just themselves, since our decisions never really affect only ourselves, do they?


Today’s reading starts looking at functions as applied in our physical world:

force F as a function of time. …”

 Week 17/18
Day 61 Lesson Plan
Essay Writing -Continue working on your concluding paragraph
math: Identifying and evaluating functions
Science reading:
Please see the Lesson plan for Day 61’s Exit Tickets
(Day 60Day 62)

My earlier College Algebra class plan on Functions vs. Relations may also be helpful.

Action Prompts:  

1.) Did you see any interesting new mathematics (for once you finish this course and move on to higher level learning) on the reading page?  Does it look interesting?

2.) Please tell us where the information for today’s reading comes from, how you know that the sources are reliable, and who funded them.


Click here to read, if you like:

Narrative and Prose Nonfiction,     

Holistic High School Lessons,


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9 thoughts on “Day 61/67: Five Month GED, Language as a Function of Context, & Functional Adult Decision-making

  1. “… just reminded me of a comment that I posted on my first job review as a college algebra teacher, which was that math journaling works. I’ll have to post this so that I can also post it on LinkedIn and I really wish I could send a copy of it to the veteran teacher who back in 2001 told me that I was under no circumstances to try math journaling or any of the other nonsense that teachers colleges are teaching these days as she put it. Turns out at least by 2010 in a different state, that math journaling really helped my students tremendously. …
    I should be writing it up as a post for LinkedIn…

    But this reminds me that when I did see the Freedom writers it gave me a boost in terms of knowing that outside the box teaching methodologies were acceptable in some places, I think it was set in California no?”

    Must remember to write a post on this…

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