Day 54/67: Five Month GED, Equations of a Line, and Making a Bee line to Save The Bees

So, why do you think that equations of a straight line, graf_of_linear_equation

aka linear equations, may be related to bees, transportation, and bee lines?  And why do they call it a bee line, when bees never seem to move in a straight line, or do they? 


Today’s reading comes from a well-known source that is citing two major secondary sources: can you agree with the authority of the two sources cited?

“… the Christian Social Union, which had not been at the forefront of climate change conversations and tended to resist serious environmental protection measures, responded by voting into law what the petition called for. The law commits the government to preserve the environment, support organic farming, increase the number of natural meadows, prevent further losses of biodiversity, protect clean water and limit pesticide use. Along with saving the bees, insects, amphibians, reptiles, birds and wild herbs are to be protected.


 End of week 14/18
Day 54, Week 14
Grammar: Compound Prepositions
Math: Solving linear equations
Science: see today’s reading above, and then look up bees!!
Please see the Lesson plan for Day 54’s Exit Tickets
(Day 53Day 55)

Action Items:  

1.) Search for two different sources to learn about your local transit board,

2.) Please tell us where your information comes from, and how you know that the sources you found are reliable.



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13 thoughts on “Day 54/67: Five Month GED, Equations of a Line, and Making a Bee line to Save The Bees

    1. Cool: the dance of the bees to tell other bees where to find good flowers and sources!! I read something about this years ago, and always wanted to find out more!

      (ok, now I’ll actually go read the article…)
      Thank you, Petru!

      Liked by 2 people

    2. Excellent article! This is super cool, Petru, thank you!

      “They’re even democratic. When they swarm, scouts will go ahead to check for suitable places to settle, returning to dance directions. After a number of bees visit the various suggested places, a “voting” process takes place until one site (generally the best) wins out by having more bees dance for it.”

      I especially liked that part, as well as the question about the relationship (we’d assumed) between brain size and abstract thought/intelligence (which are two different things, come to think of it…).


      Liked by 1 person

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