Day 45/67: Five Month GED, Community Colleges, and, Local Laws

   Aside from simplifying mathematical roots, Adulting often involves simplifying the roots of complex social and logical problems, too.  Seeing through false arguments, distinguishing red herrings from truth, finding the root cause of a situation, all require logical and persistent thinking, developed by mathematics. morgan_community_college  Community colleges are one good place to learn these skills.

   Local colleges can also be good resources for finding local laws and policies.

 Middle of week 12/18
Day 45 lesson plan

Grammar:  Coordinating conjunctions

Simplify Roots
Day 45 Exit Ticket
(Day 44Day 46)

Action Items:

1.) Search for two different reps in your state for whom you are a constituent.

2.) Email them to ask for increased Community College funding.

3.) Share  how each of the reps responded.



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