Mindful Mondays, female leaders, and Adulting Ed.

I was just thinking about Amelia, and doing a full review series of El Ministerio del Tiempo, which brought this post to mind. I almost wish that I’d put a fantasy element into my series Ann & Anna…   and here is the original post, updated recently

Inspiring Critical Thinking and Community via Books, Lessons, and Story

Shirley Chisholm was a role model for many Black women.

Legal & Financial Pro-Bono and continuing education (aka Adulting Ed.) is easier when there are strong role models for all of us, and helping to build those new role models is also part of Phase I of the Four Freedoms movement -as these shows do:

I’m still emotionally buzzing from the end of episode 21 of El Ministerio del Tiempo and Amelia’s incredible courage, and character arc !!

More than just one protagonist, though, she stands in a line of female main characters (not always lead or protag, actually) who start off as just intelligent, and develop into both intelligent and strong female characters, a bit like Hermione Granger from the HP series:  these ladies began with some kind of growing to do, and did that growing through painful events, but grew, emotionally and personally (courage, commitment, etc) to…

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16 thoughts on “Mindful Mondays, female leaders, and Adulting Ed.

        1. Generally it’s a lot of things that I learn about from assorted places, whether it’s the life of a celebrity or something about history becoming more questionable thanks to shows like Ancient Aliens and Earthfiles. But specifically in regards to race relations, I’m very amazed by new documentary shows that can open us to things that schools may not. It always encourages me to exercise my discernment. But it can especially strengthen my faith in humanity as a truth-seeking and mystery-solving species.

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            1. The easiest one that springs to mind, in honor of the film’s 70th Anniversary this year, is Earthfiles explaining how The Day Of The Earth Stood Still was supposedly based on an actual ET warning, including the mysterious deactivation of some nuclear weapons during UFO encounters.

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        1. Some months ago I saw on the History Channel a documentary on what slavery was like before the Emancipation Proclamation. It’s hard to believe that slavery lasted as long as it did. Like this century, the 20th century took a long time to recognize many of the truest values of equality for humans and for that matter all Earthly life. It’s often very startling.

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          1. Thank you for these thoughts, Mike. It is very startling, and I don’t believe that we have yet recognized some of our key values, this century, but we can keep working on it. We can definitely Do Better.

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