Thoughtful Thursdays, Stayed on Freedom with the Call of Freedom, and Transportation for “contraband” people?

Libraries and buses are also an intimately connected and crucial part of a community health care network, for many of us.  

So, how do we each help our society to become more fully inclusive for all of us, and to give more money for mass transit as part of Public Health Care?

I believe that attention to shared and connected community institutions and systems, like Public Transportation and Public Health Care, may provide part of an answer.  I started a note about that, a few years ago, on page eleven of my book Stayed on Freedom’s Call:

“… observant Jews?  They were barely accepted themselves in this Southern city,
where the community felt obliged to petition for permission to purchase a house
of worship, despite the existence of St. John ́s and other prominent Christian
houses of worship. What fear and guilt may have gone through the minds of
those hearing the words of Parashat Ki Tetzei, Deuteronomy 23:16,
commanding that a slave running away from a harsh master must be allowed to
live wherever he wished, and not oppressed? Here in Washington, DC, the
compensated emancipation, which conditionally freed slaves nine months
before the Emancipation Proclamation, left many slaves waiting for freedom,
continuing to hope for a Moses of their own, as Harriet Tubman was sometimes
called. The well known comparison actually went both ways, as Negro slaves
identified with the plight of the Hebrews enslaved in Egypt, and many Jewish
families in Mississippi and other areas of the South controlled by General Grant
́s troops experienced a homelessness similar to their recently enslaved

   Runaway slaves crossing Union lines were known as
contrabands, considered to be confiscated contraband property of war.   While
Jews were being expelled from their homes in areas occupied by General Grant’s troops, people of color like Harriet and Louisa Jacobs in the Federal City and
surrounding areas, worked to inspire hope and provide housing for the many
contrabands pouring in to the Capital from the South, an ironic twist of fate in
the history of these two oppressed peoples.

History was not all they shared.


Page 11″

So, it turns out that page 10 might have done better with this image toward the bottom, even if it is early in the first chapter?  The Fugitive Slave Act is mentioned on that page, but the consequences are on this page (page 11).

Some fresh reviews would help me decide that specific.

Page ten was last week…

Action Items:

1.) What are your thoughts on the function of trains and buses as part of the community health care system?

2.) Share them with us in the comments, here, please.

3.) Share your thoughts on how continuing empathy-building cooperation might help, or hinder, inclusive thinking.

4.) Write a story, post or tweet that uses those thoughts.

Dear Readers, ideas on learning, especially multiple #LanguageLearning, on-going education and empathy-building, to #EndPoverty, #EndHomelessness,  #EndMoneyBail & achieve freedom for All HumanKind

Support our key #PublicDomainInfrastructure  & #StopSmoking at least for CCOVID-19:
1. #PublicLibraries,
2. #ProBono legal aid and Education,
3. #UniversalHealthCare, and
4. good #publictransport
Read, Write -one can add Stayed on Freedom’s Call via this

GoodReads button: Stayed on Freedom's Call: Cooperation Between Jewish And African-American Communities In Washington, DCVote, Teach and Learn (Lesson Plan Book):


Nih sakh sh’lekk, sleem wa.   Yassas,   γεια σας!    Salût !  Nos vemos!  Görüşürüz!     ! שָׁלוֹם


April, 2021 CE = April 12021 HE

(The last GED lesson 67/67 , and the first lesson 1/67…), and

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Baby Acres: a Vision of a Better World (posts listed at bottom of page…)

Stayed on Freedom’s Call
includes two ‘imagination-rich’ walking tours, with songs, of Washington, DC. New interviews and research are woven into stories of old struggles shared by both the Jewish and African-American communities in the capital city.

Shared histories are explored from a new perspective of cultural parallels and parallel institution-building which brought the two communities together culturally and historically.


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