26 thoughts on “Thanks, Hook: Read Across America Day ~ 2021 — By Hook Or By Book

        1. I check my spam folder regularly, as this happens every so often. What’s driving me bonkers is that WP has dimmed out, not greyed out, but just dimmed, alot of posts, for some reason, in my reader. Also the fact that outside of my reader I cannot seem to like nor comment on other posts, but that may be a browser issue on my end. The Reader dimming seems to happen to older posts, but not with much rhyme nor reason. Have you also experienced this?

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        2. Something with my browser will not let me get those old posts up in my reader, and I cannot comment on them outside the Reader, or even Like them, for some reason, so I’ll comment here:

          Yes, public education can be saved, but only if we reform it with empathy-building and on-going adult learning in mind, which you see in my blog posts.

          ok, going to read the next post and reply here again…

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        3. Absolutely, and it needs to be education that encourages, rather than as it currently does, discouraging most critical thinking.

          And folks really, really, really need to understand that learning does not stop when you leave school (or it shouldn’t stop then…).

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