22 thoughts on “oDay 10 of GED in 5 months, salty evidence, and librarians!

    1. Thank you, Chuq, and no worries, I think it is quite on topic, as my GED lesson plans have the purpose of encouraging critical thought among all of us, and of encouraging all of us to be constant learners!
      Looking up the article now…


    2. Zoe Weil is exactly correct, as she says:

      “…learn in school how to be kind and responsible in a far-reaching way in a world in which our everyday choices impact other people, animals, and ecosystems across the planet.”

      She does not suggest any solutions to this problem, but I have an idea for a potential partial solution, if you don’t think it’s too ‘outside the box’ and would like to read about it, Chuq?

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