15 thoughts on “olDay 8 Lesson Plan, High School in 5 Months: Library Apps, and San Diego Futures Foundation

  1. I can’t imagine an advanced Fantasy World without a library. A current series, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children features the Library of Souls in one of the later books. I recommend the series to you. I’m happy you feature libraries so strongly in your lesson plans!

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    1. Oddly, you almost get the feeling, in some episodes of Babylon 5, that you are living in a library: references to historical events that make your hair stand on end, and references to people reading Santayana. I suspect that 1990s science fiction might have felt that the actual library could be too risky, but actual books are seen pretty often in the series (Babylon 5, that is).

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        1. Hmmm, one episode doesn’t really do tB5 justice, as it’s a 5 (ok, 4) year arc, but I guess the best episode to catch if you were going to catch one might be … I don’t know one that doesn’t tie back and forward to other episodes, so maybe starting with the B5 film In The Beginning, I think, is best. It’s not very long.

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        2. I hope my review of the B5 film (which is first in chronological order, but comes near the end of the 5th season, also in chronological order, if that makes sense?) does it some justice, if that helps? Just posted…


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