17 thoughts on “Greek counting on Wonderful WednesDay 3/67: 5 month GED, and Adulting as creative problem solving

  1. 1) Agonizing and then unintentionally procrastinating until the problem becomes irrelevant. Wait, that wasn’t the right answer?
    2) No, although that would be smart. Instead, after I missed out on a job because I failed to send my resume in time, I saw another job posting…and repeated the exact same mistake by failing to send my resume…
    3) What is a Mind Map?

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    1. LOL!! 🙂

      Laughing with you, JYP, not at you, of course!

      What, you didn’t like the Mind Map in the Featured Image of this post? 🙂
      I love mms as they let you use images and colors to connect any idea to any concept in an organized way: so much better than outlining or brainstorming, but kind of like a colorful/image-filled combination of the two!! 🙂

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  2. Mind mapping is the greatest invention of humanity since sliced bread. As to problems, I believe that H-shem does not create problems without creating solutions first. The challenge is to approach the process of finding those solutions in a rational manner. Thinking out of the box usually works.

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