Thoughtful Thursdays, strategies, and Adulting

Like WikiMedia, our society needs a long-term plan, if we want to move coherently from here to a better place.  Looking back at this set of suggestions from four years ago, now I think I can safely say that I would suggest the more inclusive project of The Four Freedoms movement, but here’s how I got there, if you think these more modest goals make more sense:

We are all working to continue to recover from the shock of this past week.  Still, certain strategies that many of us began putting into place some time ago continue to have value.  One strategy is working to build inclusive cultural structures that can re-frame our ways of thinking as a culture (clearly long term work), such as using the Holocene Calendar.

Adapting to the needs of the moment, however, are also clearly important, and more viscerally compelling as well.  To that end, many of us are standing, like the Sargents from Herland, together with the most vulnerable, ready to calmly, even grimly, but non-violently, face down those who would threaten or do harm.  Like those Sargents, we stand with the discipline that Dr. King and Gandhi taught, of non-violent resistance.  Those who wear a #SafetyPin are pledging to stand with all of our fellow human beings under threat.

But we need intermediate strategies, between the short-term reaction of the #SafetyPin movement, and the long-term, evolving toward inclusive cultural change.  I would suggest that one mid-range strategy to work for is Instant Run-off Voting (IRV), also known as Ranked Choice Voting, such as the state of Maine recently adopted.

A second mid-term to long-term strategy is to study and share Non-Violent Communication (NVC) while working toward better jobs (especially via worker’s cooperatives and unions/labor activism) for ALL races and classes.

So, short, medium and long-term: Stand together using NVC to work for IRV, and eventually changing our year designation from Anno Domini/Common Era to Holocene/Human Era (HE).

Finally, my personal Dream-term (very long-term) goal is to see both single payer health care and a Universal Basic Income, such as Dr. King called for over 40 years ago.  These would allow every person, of any creed, color, class, etc, to reach his or her full potential as a human being.  That is, after all, the real American Dream, isn’t it?

Read, Write, Dream, Teach !

November 13th, 12016 HE

Action Items:

1.) Imagine something you’d like to see happen for our society 40 years from now.

2.) Share it with us in the comments, here, please.

3.) Share your thoughts on how we could get there from where we are now,

4.) Write a book, blog post or tweet that uses those thoughts, tells a good story, and makes a difference. I’m working on that through my historical fantasy #WiP, #WhoByFireIWill. If you write a book, once published, please consider donating to your local public library.

Dear Readers, ideas on learning, especially multiple #LanguageLearning, on-going education and empathy-building, to #EndPoverty, #EndHomelessness,  #EndMoneyBail & achieve freedom for All HumanKind

Support our key #PublicDomainInfrastructure  & #StopSmoking for CCOVID-19:
1. #PublicLibraries,
2. #ProBono legal aid and Education,
3. #UniversalHealthCare, and
4. good #publictransport
Read, Write -one can add Stayed on Freedom’s Call via this GR button:

Yassas,   γεια σας!    Salût !  Nos vemos!  Görüşürüz!     ! שָׁלוֹם


December, 2020 CE = December 12020 HE

(The previous lesson 2/67 published since this post, and the most recent lesson 3/67…)

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17 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thursdays, strategies, and Adulting

  1. 40 years….A plan with that much foresight is going to require flexibility and improvisation to succeed.
    That is why I believe it gets “easier” if as a whole, we do not seek things to be so easy in our regular lives. Instant gratification diminishes long term goals to the point of futility. Do things harder on purpose, to bolster your capability to adapt. The way to change I believe is parenting, and positive social development. Our past is overlapping with activists and politicians who have made this idea a personal pursuit, yet the need for these positive actions continues to grow!
    The point is balance. Awareness that a positivist has no place in a world without negativity.
    We need to inspire youth, that the challenges of evil feed the comforts of good. Our minds need to be challenged and our ideals need to be scrutinized, in order for them to have meaning. A truly content life is one of many obstacles and the strength that is derived from them. A feeling of pleasure knows not of itself, if pain had not surfaced to reveal how much we really enjoyed that pleasure.
    Balance and the understanding of it, mixed with its implementation in our daily lives is how our children will know the heat of the fire, so they do not burn their hands.
    Violent rage and use of violence is in every human. We all know its presence, when our ability to cope is lost. Every war has soldiers on both sides, fighting for “belief”. We cannot know to choose sides unless we commit ourselves to some form of conflict within our own belief system. This is why it is important to maintain awareness; or else we all commit to someone else’s beliefs, in lieu of feeling for our own individual selves. Masses are lost in this; education, ideals and basic principals of humanity lose their passion in the hearts of our culture’s people. We become lazy and content- stop questioning the ways of man. This chain is long, with many facets of linkage, we could go on for eternity, on the matter.

    okay,okay…I admit, this is much but I want to help make this world of “men” a more HARMONIOUS place, It can’t get any better than it already is- change will happen when we shelf “Better” for “Balance”

    Harold Melvin and the blue notes said it best….”wake up everybody”


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    1. Thank you for your thoughtful words!
      You are quite in accord with the saying that ‘an unexamined life is…’ half-lived, or somthing: and “Instant gratification diminishes long term goals …”
      is also quite correct.
      I agree that we all, young and old, need inspiration to ponder our values and use flexibility and frugality (of energy, of time, etc) to reach longer term goals, and balance does help, you are right.

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      1. Remember, I had to elude the US school system to learn what I think I know. Good things aren’t always for the good. Just know this came from an adult with 8 years of basic education. This, in itself is indicative of the need for change.
        Thank you not me, you have done well to have gone so far in your quest. Don’t you ever stop; If you get winded and need a second- you can always shoot me an electronic letter 😉

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    1. Thank you! I still don’t understand why it is taking so long to spread, nor why (ok, maybe I do see why, unfortunately) the governor of Maine spent so much effort to overturn the results of Nov. 2016’s ballot acceptance of RCV in Maine. It’s used increasingly across Europe in local level elections, particularly London’s Council elections.
      Seems a no-brainer for more choice and not having to do the standard two votes as in France. It may be that we’re just getting the algorithms simplified enough to make it easy?

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            1. These three agree with the longer article I passed you just now, but don’t mention the politics behind it. Imho, to say that ” it’s going to be too difficult to explain to our communities, similar to the Electoral College, how the person with the most votes did not win the election,” is essentially saying that these communities are too stupid to understand a simple principle that can be explained in 2 minutes.

              I think there’s machine politics going on backstage, but you’re right, locals would know more…

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