Teaching via NVC and Emotional Health Care Education

Health Care is part of Phase I of Project Do Better (fka the Four Freedoms movement). Emotional health care and communication as part of that are vital ingredients in any class room.  I wish I had understood that twenty years ago:

Let’s start with how Not to teach non-violently:

“If you don’t learn math, you won’t get a job!”  -This was my reply to a student in one of my high school classes in 2001 who asked “Why do we have to learn this stuff?”  Predictably, my reply did not go over well.  At the time (15 years ago, Really??) I (think) I felt fed up with the kids lack of motivation, and they felt it.  They even told me so.  Problem is, that turned into a vicious cycle of me against most of my kids, rather than us cooperating as that community of learners I had imagined.

If I had known that my (un-intentional) seeking of validation from my work of teaching, and that essentially blaming my students for their learning difficulties was the source of my difficulty in teaching them, I might have been able to help them more, using Non-Violent Communication techniques, and SuperNanny classroom management, which I didn’t learn about until some years later.

Hope this helps others,
Read, Write, Dream, Teach !

15 March, 12016 HE

Action Items in support of literacy and non-violence that you can take right now:

1.) Ponder ways to teach mathematics that you would enjoy.

2.)  Share your thoughts on how you would handle conflicts in the classroom, such as math-resistant young people,

4.) Write a book, story, blog post or tweet that uses those thoughts, tells a good story, and makes a difference.  Once published, please consider donating to your local public library.


Click here to read, if you like:

Science Fiction/Fantasy Shows,  Lupin, or Money Heist

Holistic High School Lessons,

Thoughtful Readers, if you are on Twitter, please consider following   #Project Do Better  on Twitter.


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4 thoughts on “Teaching via NVC and Emotional Health Care Education

  1. Thank you to Ranger Mayann for reporting the rumor that someone, possibly a bot, called FitHealthy123, aka Fit & Healthy, or Fit Healthy Happy, has Liked this post on the outer rim of our galaxy.
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  2. It has been suggested, as part of the responsibility for taking care of oneself, since the community pays for healthcare, at least in some parts of your planet, that the combustion of various herbs and inhaling the smoke from that combustion, which is known to be damaging up to 20 ft away and even farther within buildings, should be a practice which all responsible adults would avoid in order not to be a burden on society by harming themselves, and certainly to avoid harming others as well.
    you may also wish to run a search in your reader for non-smoking or stop smoking as others May benefit from this information that you are sharing.
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    From Tuzanor,
    This is Ranger Mayann, signing off…

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