French Fridays: se vaunter c’est de la santé ? Bragging as mental self-Health Care?

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Mes travaux d’avant 2001 avec Solaris/Sun OS ont aidé quelqu’un aujourd’hui ! 🙂 ShiraDest, Mars, 12015 èH (ère Holocène/Humaine)

Il y à 5 ans, j’avais célébré la fait que mes travaux de 15 ans apres avaitent etait util a quelquien ! Est-ce que c’est de me vaunter, ou est-ce que c’est de la partage a  la bonnes nouvelles d’une victoire ? C’est de l’auto soins (cette à dire, de prendre soin de moi même), et pour quoi ?

Me, 5 years ago, celebrating the fact that my work from nearly 15 years prior to that was still useful to someone! Is this bragging, or is this the sharing of and celebrating a small victory with others?  Does it count as self-care, and why?

  Salût !  

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13 thoughts on “French Fridays: se vaunter c’est de la santé ? Bragging as mental self-Health Care?

  1. I think the key difference between bragging and celebrating successes lies in how it relates to others. Bragging lifts oneself and pushes others down, while celebrating success is about rising with others.

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        1. Cool. Ok, so how do you share some success of yours while inviting this feedback of others (still, the fact that I was able to use old Unix knowledge to help someone else get a job done still felt like bragging, to me)

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        2. Actually, now I see what bothers me about this, although I agree that you are very much right, it is worth celebrating that we’ve done something to help someone else. Yet, I can’t help feeling that it is not my place to tell the world how I helped out someone else. It feels like vanity, like bragging about how helpful and good I am. I’m very happy to point out when someone else has helped me to do something, and that always feels right and good. Yet, I think, the idea that the works of our hands speak for us in the gates of the city seem to be ingrained in my subconscious, and I much prefer to thank someone for having helped me to do something, than to take that pleasure away from another person (at least I get pleasure in thanking others for helping me accomplish things, so I imagine/hope that others do as well?).
          If that makes sense?

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    1. Thanks, Denise: just trying to keep standing in the gap for humanity, just like you do for the earth.
      (must find Michelle and thank her for the humanity part, that makes standing in the gap less religious, and more human, which was why I always avoided actually saying it, but that is essentially what we are doing, right?)
      Take care,

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