why we need a SPS Universal Health Care: (Thanks, Vic!) Drug Prices in the US: Insulin — CRAIN’S COMMENTS

A new report shows that Americans pay far more for insulin than do patients in 32 other high-income countries. Insulin prices in the US regardless of type are on average — 6.3 times higher than in Canada 8.9 times higher than in United Kingdom 5.9 times higher than in Japan 27.7 times higher than in […]

Drug Prices in the US: Insulin — CRAIN’S COMMENTS

8 thoughts on “why we need a SPS Universal Health Care: (Thanks, Vic!) Drug Prices in the US: Insulin — CRAIN’S COMMENTS

    1. Especially after saying “how much the poor get” via medicaid! Attempting to explain the severe lack of what medicaid even pays for at all, let alone limits, vis-a-vis other insurances, was a non-starter! Nevermind the wait times, the many dr.s who refuse to accept it, etc.

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  1. I live in the US and the ridiculous prices for medicine is off the charts primarily due to greed. It doesn’t have to be this way but this is a controlled crazy system of supply and demand. SMH ☹️ We have so many people who are having to make tough decisions whether to eat or buy the fundamental medication they need. The stats on this chart somehow are not surprising, especially based on demographics. Thanks for sharing. 😊

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    1. Thanks for reading and replying, Kym: I knew it was a problem growing up, but living in Turkey was a revelation, as my Turkish neighbors and coworkers told me that they had full and free healthcare, watching Hurricane Katrina in horror and asking me how we could treat our fellow Americans that way. Then, living in England and then in Mexico was another set of revelations: even those countries, class-conscious as they are, have SPSs that provide free vaccines and pretty quick emergency health care as well as (imho) reasonable times for routine care. As long as you plan ahead and don’t expect anti-biotics for a cold! And in both cases, I found the care far better than what I grew up with!
      Just shameful of US…
      (sorry for the mini-rant)

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