– HS in 5 Months, Day 20: WiP planning and smart alec exponents, 12020HE, and Happy Sukkot!!

A simple use of spreadsheets (see 2nd column in grid below…) to plan large projects (after Sukkot is over -finish building that sukkah & Chag Sameach!!), like a WorkInProgress, how to be a correct smart alec in math or Social Policy class (see below…):

Day20 Lesson Plan as PDF, March 6, 12019 HE Scheduling example: how to use a spreadsheet to plan big writing project, like a long research paper, or a novel https://www.khanacademy.org/humanities/grammar/punctuation-the-comma-and-the-apostrophe/introduction-to-commas/e/punctuating-lists Exponents: Pwrs of Zero and 1, -1 raised to even/odd powers Day20ExitSlips

Lesson Plan, March 6th, 12019 HE

(Holocene Era, the Holocene Calendar)
In our Learning Toolbox:
LearnStorm via Khan Academy (ways to grow your brain…): scheduling tasks by breaking
large projects into smaller chunks, using a spreadsheet to organize your project (see
shiradest.wordpress.com on today’s lesson plan for sample xls sheet…)
Copy into your notes, and Mind Map each word:
Reading Comp. Vocab. Grammar Vocabulary Math Vocabulary Test-taking Skills
Separation of powers Essay Writing exponential forms Breaking down into
Separation of church
and state
Essay Writing:
Introductory paragraph
Zero Exponent rules Dividing work into
smaller chunks
Checks and balances Thesis sentence Power of Zero Time management
Separation of powers Supporting sentences Raised to power of 0 scheduling
Branches Rebuttal sentences Zeroeth Power Monitoring progress
authority Transitional sentences Product and Quotient
of Exponents
Keeping track of
Write one or two sentences explaining what you think might be the differences between
the Congress and the Supreme Court.

6:02 Continue on work from your folder (on Reading/Literature/Science/Social Studies).
7pm: Stand up & Stretch, if you wish…
7:00 to 7:07 Reading Comprehension
7:07 to 7:15 Grammar lecture, using the passage below.
7:15 to 7:25 Math lecture, also using this same passage.
7:25-7:30 We do 1st question/problem from each online worksheet together, then you finish
the online activities from all lectures individually on the classroom computers.
Mathematics work online and/or in books from 7:45 until 8:45.
7:00-7:07: Reading Comprehension & Grammar: Commas in a series/list
Today’s Passage: At the Constitutional Convention, the Framers
decided to separate the powers of government among three
branches—legislative executive and judicial—so that each branch had
to cooperate with the others in order to accomplish policymaking
goals. (Today’s reading comes from
nt/a/principles-of-american-government-article …)
Where are the missing commas?
Let’s do the first question on commas in lists:
7:07 Grammar lecture part1/4: Essay Writing –the intro. Paragraph:
An essay should have at least four paragraphs (¶):
Introductory paragraph with your Thesis Sentence,
Two Body paragraphs,
Conclusion paragraph, summarizing your argument or topic.
(https://www.uvu.edu/writingcenter/docs/handouts/writing_process/basicessayformat.pdf has a nice summary…)
To map out your introductory paragraph, use an outline or a mind map, which
ever you prefer, to show your:
1. Thesis or main idea, which will become your topic sentence
2. Your pro ideas/arguments, which will become one sentence per “pro”
3. The ideas against your argument, a sentence for each “con” to your
4. Your transition sentence that glides into your first Body Paragraph.
Let’s outline a Thesis sentence together, then you make an outline to show me at the
end of class or for tomorrow, organizing your thesis sentence.
Notice that when you outline your thesis or topic sentence, you are also outlining your entire
essay at the same time, but as an overview. The details will come in the outline for your body
7:15 Mathematics Topic: Exponents and Radicals, good friends that go together.
Why would we want to convert between forms of expression? Sometimes a problem
is easier to solve in an equivalent form…
Exponents rules and properties
Rule name Rule Example
Zero rules b
= 1 5
= 1
= 0 , for n>0 0
= 0
One rules
= b 5
= 5
= 1 1
= 1
one rule
Now, let’s do the online math worksheet problem together:
1.) Please do the rest of our online grammar worksheet:
2.) Please do the remainder of online math worksheet:
8:40 Exit Questions: 1. Please write one sentence explaining how you can use a chart to
show various forms of the same number.
2. What is an introductory paragraph?
3. What is the sentence that introductory paragraphs generally start
with called?
4. Write in mathematical terms and show: what is the sum of 5 raised
to the zeroth power and 5 raised to the first power?
8:45 Turn in Exit Slip, Dismissal (journal about art, public policy, and checks and balances??)

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