Looking for a partner in time… to write new cultural commentaries!

This post is a whim, completely off focus and off topic, so please forgive me: I’ll be back on my winding track, as I continue to make my blog more straight and narrow, shortly. But for this moment…

Who doesn’t dream of the perfect partner: a soul mate, that one person on this planet with whom you mesh completely, who gets you, and whom you also get and complete? Who can finish your sentences, and even re-write them better than you first wrote them?!

I write to rewrite my story. I study the sacred texts, particularly in Hebrew, and I plan also one day to learn them in Arabic, for guidance on how to rewrite my story. I also look to Rumi, to Octavia, to Olivares and to Betüş. But the Bible is my native culture’s foundational text, and so I must learn first how my origins have shaped me, and thus how to reshape my future.

Then, I look to other influences for signs of what has been, what might have been, and what could yet become.

Anyone care to join me?

I’m using Biblical and other sacred sources.

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13 thoughts on “Looking for a partner in time… to write new cultural commentaries!

        1. Tired. Trying to finish outlining my sub-plots while I work on ‘work’ related stuff at the same time. I’ve decided that language study can take the place of prayer, as I’m a bit irritated with the Creator, if there is one. My Torah study will have to do, and I am chanting next month for my synagogue (online), if that counts? 🙂


        2. In which Universe? As I’ve posted, the Book underpins Western thought, so is required reading to understand our frame of reference, and has some nice poetry, but my reading it does not mean I take it literally, or even believe it as such. I’d certainly like to be able to believe in the beautiful parts, like Tzedek Tzedek Tirdof: Justice, Justice, you must Pursue!!
          and “do not return a runaway slave to a harsh master.”
          In that, I certainly believe.


        3. Oh. In that case I may change my mind about collaborating. Except I’m all over the place and hardly know who I am at any given time of the day at the moment so am reluctant to commit in case I can’t follow through.

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