Why #Libraries are so important for all of us, middle and upper classes included, as part of our #PublicDomainInfrastructure.

Comment: especially numbers 5 and 6: reading fiction helps re-wire the brain to build both empathy and compassion…

Right from childhood, many of us have been taught about that reading is very important, and perhaps one of the best hobbies we could have. That said, you may often wonder- how exactly does reading help, and precisely how it helps change the brain. Well, here are some ways reading changes your brain. 7 Ways […]

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3 thoughts on “7 Ways Reading Changes Your Brain — post by Everyday Gyaan

  1. Glad that I grew up as a Baby Boomer without the computers, laptops, cellphones and other electronic gadgets. My parents encouraged me to read from a young age. My Mom taught me to read before I started school. Books, newspapers and magazines were all over our house. Also I had every comic book known to kids. Plus I lived in the Library growing up and now it’s my workplace!

    Now because of retina issues and cataract I can’t see well enough to read most text but I am grateful for my Kindle and Audiobooks.

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  2. Yup, I lived in the public library, too, and my Great Grandmother (of blessed memory) taught me to read, likewise, before school. She always saved the Washington Post’s Mini Pages for me so that every summer when I came to stay with her, we’d read them, and the Funny Pages! 🙂

    I am very glad that Kindle and Audiobooks allow you to keep reading!!

    Best wishes!

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  3. Also, libraries put up front the newest books, especially for young readers, which bookstores may do less of, I imagine. The newer YA books are working to counter things like the Damsel in Distress trope, which may have led many girls to try to force themselves to fall in love with their Rescuers, even when those “heroes” treated them less than well. Particularly girls who would rather have been with another lady, but allowed anxiety and social norms to persuade them that they could indeed ignore the ‘plumbing’ by being more spiritual about the relationship, until realizing that physical things don’t change, by which time it was too late. Thankfully, books like Damsel (https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/2743215263) are presenting new tropes, where the rescued damsel in distress re-rescues herself, rather than giving herself, like it or not, to the “hero”. Hopefully fewer predatory “friends” will come to the false rescue, now, expecting the damsel to fall into their beds and be happy about it. Because no matter how hard she tries to convince herself, she will never enjoy his “yard.” (see Damsel for that one…)

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