My life mission, figuring it out

These goals, I hope, have been met, in potential as written up and possible to implement, via Project Do Better. 

Thoughtful Readers, please consider reading about #ProjectDoBetter.  This work is part of my personal contribution to helping to increase empathy and compassion in our world.  Story, as part of how we see our world, helps us make sense of and define our actions in this world.  And remember how important story is also as part of this project.

Let’s Do Better.

  Some of it has changed, particularly the land part, but the idea is the same.   Even when I was still chanting Torah as part of the Jewish community (starting in 2010,  IMG_20230226_144610601  

First third of the sedrot I have leynedIMG_20230226_144959499IMG_20230226_150109480) over the years since 2010, volunteering my time, voice, and talents to a community that was once closely allied with my community of origin (second third of my changed Torah Portions:     and  finally the last third:  working to be a bridge between the two communities, with the aim: Fully Inclusive Equality.
I finally realized that it would take a long-term project for that to happen, and that project must lay out several sets of goals for our society.

The Goals (allowing each person to contribute fully):

1. Each person, as a child, must learn to swim (or at least float).
2. Each child must learn emotional/psychological self-defense and physical self-defense to the greatest extent possible, in a Gandhian context.
(1 and 2 are part of the pre-Adulthood criteria:)

3. Each child, at birth, receives half a hectare of land, non-alienable. He or she may rent, lend or swap the land, but always remains the owner. Where ever the location, it should have a well and be arable.
4. Fresh water for ever person (free!)
5. Each family should have a book in the local public library, containing the autobiography of every adult in the family (which means that each person needs free time and the means to write his or her autobiography).

(the same Goals in Spanish:)
Un programa de Igualdad y Salud para Todos

Las Metas (para que todos pueden contribuir lo mejor):

1. Cada quien, de niño, debe aprender nadar
2. Que cada quien de niño aprende defenderse
3. Que cada bebe, al nacer, recibe .5 hectarios de terreno, que nunca se puede desprender. Se lo puede alquilar o prestar, pero siempre sigue esta persona como dueño o dueña del terreno. Que sea donde sea, será con un poso de agua y capaz de agricolar.
4. Agua potable para cada persona
5. Que cada familia tenga un libro en la biblioteca publica, con resumen del autobiografía de cada persona de la familia (eso quiere decir que cada quien tenga el tiempo libre y los recursos para escribir su autobiografia)

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Gregorian Date: Tuesday, 9 September 2014
WilliamJamesMEOW Date : Saturday, 9 September, 12014 H.E. (Holocene Era, aka Human Era)


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