Teaching UUs in CA

This JuneChurchCampClassesTaughtPlans is my lesson plan from the All-Church camp held in June, 1-3rd, up in the mountain camp called DeBenneville Pines, north of San Diego, CA.  I wanted to teach Greek Folk Dance, and I also responded to a request for someone to teach on Family History, thus also fulfulling my duty via WikiTree to connect others to our Human Family Tree.


2 thoughts on “Teaching UUs in CA

  1. https://gettingupagain.home.blog/2018/06/01/financial-emotional-mild-physical-abuse/

    financial, emotional, mild physical abuse
    forgetnotthelessons Uncategorized June 1, 2018

    These two journal entries highlight the abusive marriage, started with false promises, ending with escalating physical abuse.

    I did not realize this until a neighbor pointed out that I indeed had the right to go out, to have access to money, and to have gotten free French lessons despite the transportation difficulties -in fact the city was a mere 15 minute drive, which spouse did not want to do.

    From mild emotional and verbal and financial abuse to ratcheting up the pressure when I insisted on getting help.

    Then it got worse emotionally and physically.

    And by about a year or so later this second act of physical abuse was being denied. So, remember to save your emails.

    Here is an email exchange, names edited, just after the second shaking incident occurred, where he admits to having shaken me a second time, but blames me.

    Je ne dis pas que je ne t’ai pas secoué. Je dis que tu l’as demandé et insisté.
    Tu l’as eu à mon corps défendant.
    C’est tout.


    Le 2016-03-13 21:07, petite a écrit :

    ”Mais malgré tout je t’aime.” -ça c’est pas l’amour. Tu m’a secoué, crié dessus, et tu refuses d’avoué.
    Pas l’amour ça.

    Le 13/03/2016 21:03, Grand a écrit :

    Tu me dis de te secouer, tu insiste et tu veux que je m’excuse.
    C’est une blague ?
    C’est toi qui a commencé à me crier dessus.
    En étranger en plus.
    Je n’ai d’ailleurs pas écouté.


    Le 2016-03-13 20:58, petite a écrit :

    Non: c’est à toi de reprendre contact avec le CCCF, et d’expliquer pourquoi tu refuses de faire tes excuses pour m’avoir secoué une deuxième fois, et en suite me crié dessus pendant que je pleuré, par terre

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