Does the media shape culture, and how?

“Her anne gibi…” (“Like every mother…”)

When I taught English in Izmir, not a day went by without my Turkish co-workers (and perhaps even my British colleague) spending several minutes harranguing me about the need to wear make-up, in their professional opinions. I refused, but I paid a price, in lower esteem and in difficulty relating to others. A scene in which little Cilek wants to dye her hair is a telling one. Her older sister comments that their mother dyes her hair, as all mothers do. But how much of this cosmetic change that we make to ourselves is because we want to, vs. because society expects us to do so? And who benefits?

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September 2, 12016 HE


9 thoughts on “Does the media shape culture, and how?

    1. I cared, and still care, but still refuse, as you do, to conform when conformity is not good for me, nor for society. You and I both, I suppose, stand with The Gadfly of Athens? Best, Shira


        1. Had a quick scan, and indeed … I’ve been the gadfly to the community where I now live. Just yesterday there was a result from my – what to call it, rebellion, outrage – and at least some are talking to me and positive changes happened. It was about race in this case. There was also a case of feminism in so far the women here ran the other way. It got rather hectic back there. About two years ago. I got actual warnings, really! So I’m not sure about not be given hemlock.I’m considering taking my own drinks to social events in case … and I’m not kidding. It won’t be hemlock but they may want to put drugs in.

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  1. I used to date a guy who felt that I needed enhancements. Since I don’t like being told what to do, say or wear eventually I told him to F off.
    I do color my hair but for me because I don’t look good in gray hair. Everything I do now is for me. My pleasure. CAN’T stand makeup or as some of my men friends call it war paint. Didn’t like the crap when I was younger and certainly not now. I’m almost 60 years old and makeup on 50+ women makes one look like a clown. Lipstick alone will do for me.

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