– Puerto Ricans are being sold into slavery in Alaska

My god, this is unbelievable…


Book - 12-10

Yes, this language is inflammatory. But it is dead accurate.

Read this article slowly. Watch the corporate video inside it. Listen to every word from the president of the company…and then decide for yourself, if that is not EXACTLY what’s being done to these young Puerto Ricans. They are being sold into slavery.


With a $4.25 minimum wage just around the corner, a company will soon ride into Puerto Rico with a much better deal. It will offer jobs at $9.75 – plus overtime – and a chance to see Alaska !

Both the $9.75 and the overtime are at rock-bottom Alaska minimum wage – not a penny more – but hey…it’s better than $4.25!


The generous company, Westward Seafoods, Inc., will recruit Puerto Rican workers on Sept. 2 and 3 in a hotel in San Juan.

So what kind of jobs are these?


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