Why I am becoming a teacher again

“Conversations about the Common Core State Standards and

raising the rigor of student work were still years away, but even
then it was apparent that my practice demanded very little
of my students. I did nothing to encourage them to explore
multiple approaches. I did very little in terms of having them
explain their thoughts and ideas”
A veteran teacher on how the new Common Core Standards have allowed him to transform his teaching of mathematics from drudgery into joy, for his students.  This is what I want to do!
Read, Write, Dream, TEACH!

3 thoughts on “Why I am becoming a teacher again

  1. and to remember: “The final seven minutes might be the most critical in making sure that students have understood the day’s learning objective. You can use this time to accomplish three very important things:

    A quick formative assessment to determine how much was learned, such as students self-rating their comfort with the concept on a 1-5 scale
    Reviewing the objective for the class period and brief discussion as to where the lesson will go next time
    Previewing the homework together to avoid any confusion”
    from edutopia

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