How do we build math- and kid-positive department cultures?

Very true: “Knowledge was thought of as a product that teachers could give to students efficiently on a set schedule. We now know that learning does not work that way — deeper understandings that support retention and fluency with mathematics cannot simply be delivered.”


I was pleased with the responses to my last post. A number of teachers reached out via twitter and comments, asking how they might build math- and kid-positive cultures in their own schools.

I can’t offer any large scale studies of the answer to this question, even though I am currently engaged in a research project that is trying to work with districts on similar issues. But I can share some of the experiences I had working with teachers in the Pacific Northwest toward this goal.

Gather invested colleagues around a common problem.

I always say, I have yet to meet a teacher who goes into the profession for the glamor or the money. Almost everybody who becomes a teacher wants to help kids. Find the folks whose heart is still in that. Find the ones who are willing and able to invest the time in their professional growth…

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2 thoughts on “How do we build math- and kid-positive department cultures?

  1. This may not be directly on the topic but film star Hedy Lamarr was a mathematical and scientific genius. Her interest in Math and Science was encouraged by her Dad. An Austrian Woman Inventor whose designs first developed during WWII, gained ground during the Cold War and are the basis for the Blue Tooth Technology we currently use today. Here is some more information on Ms. Hedy Lamarr.

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