Writing about running breakthroughs?

Now that I am an older runner (ok, at 46, I don’t feel old, but apparently most runners do…), I am having to push through injuries that never bothered me when I was younger, so I am learning to celebrate pain-free long runs, rather than Personal Records as most other runners seem to do.

I am wondering how to work my running into my next novel.

Why, I wonder, do we not see more blog entries about having beaten a torn tendon, rather than a personal best?  Is it me, getting older, or is our society rather competitive?  How do we help ourselves become more cooperative?


Read, Write, Run, Teach !

24 jan, 12016 èH
12016 HE

(updated with MyWriting tag and link to H and H…)Read, Write, Dream, Teach !

20 March, 12016 HE


5 thoughts on “Writing about running breakthroughs?

  1. Try the New York Road Runners Club:

    I’m no longer a runner. Uncle Sam had me running from Nov. 1977 to Nov. 1981 via the U.S. Army but I did not keep up the running when I left the Military. Now to accommodate a bad back, knees and arthritis I do a lot of walking when the weather is good. Actually thanks to the Blizzard Snowstorm Jonas I got in my cardio walking through snowstorm on my way to and from work. NYC Mayor shut down the bus service so I was walking through gigantic snow drifts and trying not to get swallowed up in the snow mounds! Also lots of snow shoveling and vaulting over 4 foot snowdrifts piled up against the sidewalks. I put photos of Jonas on my blog.

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