Josh’s Dairy ( Personally Social )

Thank you Josh: Let’s not waste food, water, nor Lives… -Shira, 21.1.12016 HE (the Holocene Calendar)

Chai & Biscuits


Where are we heading? This thought struck me yesterday on one of the busiest roads of the city. I was walking to my office. I had this packed mineral water bottle and the sling bag.  I was blocked by a homeless person. He didn’t ask for anything but just gestured to give the bottle to him.

I was kind of embarrassed, as this act came out from nowhere. I felt really bad for that person. I gave away the bottle to him and watched him walk away.

Then this thought started disturbing me, that how much we waste in the name of luxurious showoff, be it a wedding or a small party. We don’t even spare the water bottle which is in our reach.

I mean, have you ever noticed, we drink half of a bottle and keep it on the table, then unaware of our actions, we go and…

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