– Glad I shared a Smile that day…

Short story: glad I smiled at someone I did not know -who thanked me, and made me grateful to be alive, back in 2005. And also today.

Less short version of the story:
Ok, so after a useless day yesterday of only 1100 words written, and desperate fears of 8 more days zero, (I have another 10k words to write), I was reflecting on the use, or lack thereof, of my life.
moving morose meditation on beauty to bottom…

When I lived in Izmir, that summer I took long walks on Saturday afternoons. I had the habit of smiling, or at least nodding, to every person I saw because frankly, I hoped someone would smile or nod back at me. At least acknowledge me as a fellow human being, as I tried to do, even passing the homeless people lining the streets as you go into the Metro (DC).

So, I nodded at a lady in passing, never met her, just kept going because I was too tired to say Gunaydin (Good Morning/afternoon in Turkish), and my Turkish was only rudimentary any way.
Then I heard a call behind me. I turned to see that woman walking back toward me, and her eyes were glistening.
She put her hand on my chest, nothing scary, nothing sexual, just an ordinary safe contact, and said, in very simple Turkish that was clear and slow, that in five years in Izmir, no one had every greeted her. She thanked me, and I nodded in return, too moved to get out even one word of Turkish. We both turned and went our own ways. And now, over ten years later, I am glad that I smiled at a random person whom I had never met, and never saw again.
I hope that I can share that joy with …

On the uselessness of being beautiful:
I have always hated being called pretty, beautiful, fine, foxy, etc, and being thanked for existing by some guy who apparently thought I was the equivalent of a painting on the wall for him to admire. well, not so useful. But when YOU (any of you, dear readers!!) smile, you too are beautiful, no matter what you look like. You are beautiful, and USEFUL, when you smile at another human being just to acknowledge that he (or she) too, exists, and is worthy of recognition as a human being.
Smiles, (2000 more words to go, it is 3:30pm -aghh!!)
24 November, 12015 HE

19.2.12016 edit via old LJ post from 2008-11-28 00:19:00

“kalbin temizmis”

“Feeling very grateful recalling a friend telling me ‘my heart must be pure’ to have found her just when I needed her, to help another friend with a CV.

Feeling grateful for the lady in Izmir who expressed such appreciation for a simple greeting in the street, and the other lady in Izmir who told me that our half hour conversation on life (in Turkish) was worth more than any English lesson.
Grateful for those whom I have helped, and for those who help me, for my dostumlar, my truest and closest friends, who really are family for me.
May I always remember your love, and love you all in return."

(STILL grateful!!  :-)  Peace, ...)

Read, Write, Dream, Teach !

19 February, 12016 HE

14 thoughts on “– Glad I shared a Smile that day…

  1. *Smile* I’ve seen many definitions of “beautiful” in my years and though I hold no dictionary, I do hold with the thought that people who give of themselves honestly, just as you described, possess a beauty unequalled by any cosmetics, procedures, and/or camera angles or tricks photographers and models can use.

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      1. I’m wholly unfamiliar with Turkish culture but I do know that minimal makeup can enhance natural features. Conversely, no makeup will cover natural ugliness. The ugliness in question is internal reflecting out. I don’t believe Loreal or Cover Girl makes a product for that. 🙂 Anyone who reads you should know there is natural beauty reflecting out into the world. For the record, Mother Theresa is another natural beauty.

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        1. Thank you! 🙂
          In Izmir/Istanbul and I suppose Ankara, the big cities, apparently it is not considered professional to go without makeup.
          The word “Utopic” kept coming back with Turks,
          (“Why do you keep using that word, I do not think it means what…”)
          Ok, not just them, but I am stubbornly refusing to change! I am not a Mother Theresa, but I can try to add a little bit of kindness to this world, anyway!

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    1. Interesting. Thank you -ironically, it was in Turkey that everyone kept asking me why I didn’t seem to know who I was (I was starting to change my name). And until just now, (especially at Annapolis, where they kept telling me I had the courage of my convictions, just as I was being kicked out!), I have always seemed on the wrong side of the fence.
      So, Thank You, Very much for this comment.
      Maybe now I can stop worrying about my identity, and start working on having the confidence in my conviction that all kind human beings are truely beautiful. I am not the kindest person I know, but I can work on being more kind each day.
      Thanks for your kindness, WildFire.
      Keep burning brightly,

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      1. My pleasure, Shira. Keep being you and the confidence will come while you listen to all, weigh the options, and do what your beautiful inner-voice leads you to do. P.S. I’m glad you shared that smile here for the world to see. We are all the better for warming ourselves in the glow of a friendly smile in a world that can, on occasion, be very cold. Write on!

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  2. Reblogged this on ShiraDest Community Cooperation Blog and commented:

    Two people now have told me that this shared smile was indeed a contribution to society, even though no monetary exchange and no formal recognition was involved. Time to readjust my thinking on what makes a contribution to society, and my ability to contribute (more compassion for self and others allows greater contribution)… Read,
    Teach !

    19th of August, 12016 HE

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    1. Thank you, Quips: this is the very thing that I think we need to try to do more of, to see the person standing before us, rather than rushing by.
      Of course, most places where I greet strangers, simply with a nod of the head or a smile, they look at me as if I’m from Mars, or worse, I might be trying to sell them something! 🙂

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