– Fear of love, fear of injustice, fear of connecting with The Other…

This post comes from A. Michelle’s interesting post (http://amichelleexperience.me/2015/10/28/what-are-you-afraid-of).
My apologies if I am seeming a bit morose today, after the attacks a few hundred miles away. It seems Paris is all anyone can talk about today, and the radicallisation of kids here. But no one wants to talk about the injustices and social problems that the manipulators who manage to brain-wash kids used to do so.

I generally trap spiders in a clear plastic bowl and usher them outside, but I no longer live in MD, so no worries about finding a Brown Recluse in the wrong place. Love, that is work. I do not think sexual orientation has anything to do with it (but I am 46, so sex is less important than talking about feelings, now…): being married is huge work; especially if your spouse is afraid to talk about emotions! It is that feeling of dis-connectedness that frightens me to my core. But I keep working on it. Getting spouse and family-in-law to understand this, well… I keep rolling up my sleeves one more time, and once again into the breech, dear friends, for I wish not to bury any dear friends, or myself.
Love, Peace and Soul = Community,
14 Nov. 12015 HE (the Holocene Calendar)

8 thoughts on “– Fear of love, fear of injustice, fear of connecting with The Other…

  1. Social injustices and social problems hurt the heart. Our children are our greatest treasure. We have to get it right despite the difficulty. Grateful you are safe. May God’s protection continue. I appreciate the link and your thoughts.

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    1. I appreciate you and your thoughts, Michelle. We have the potential, the human race, to make a kinder safer world for all of us. Just takes getting over our collective fears, first. Kids see the injustice and hypocrisy, and it makes them vulnerable to brain-washing (radicalisation) -We can cooperatively protect each other if we all choose to.

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  2. Been there when I was in a serious relationship. I feel for you and hope your other half loses the fear. My prayers have been for France since the news broke last night. Be safe and stay well.

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  3. The best of relationships require great effort. We are all very different and communication between genders can also be very different. Words can have very different meanings as well as the context they are used. Listening becomes a greater tool than speaking. Understanding the needs of others is commonly the best way to have one’s own needs met.

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    1. Fair enough. I get tired of trying to meet everyone else’s needs before my own, but then I keep being told that in trying to take care of everyone but myself, I am making them responsible for me. So now, I work on understanding the needs of others, while no longer minimizing my own needs.

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